April 9, 2013

I couldn`t really find the best place to post this so I apologize if I am in the wrong section.

My question is in reference to slightly defacing my rear license plate and the legality of it. I am planning on getting the Kenwood CMOS 310 rear camera to go with my Kenwood DNX9990HD head unit. Now, there are a couple of "OK" places to mount this small 1" camera on the rear bumper of my 2009 Silverado. What I really want to do though is put a whole in the center of my Texas license plate and mount the camera to the plastic frame that holds the plate, it is the perfect position for the camera. The whole in the plate would not interfere with any numbers, letters, words, or the Texas emblem, it would be in a completely blank area of the plate. So in short would I be looking at a small ticket, or maybe some kind of ridiculous jail time or what? Or do you think the police would even mess with the situation since everything would still be perfectly legible? I did a quick search and could not find anything except not bending the plate or deforming it in a way that it was not readable any more, but I could not find any specific laws. Thanks in advance for your help and if there are any Texas DPS officers out there please chime in.