January 31, 2012

Hey guys,
Its been many moons since I was on here, however I need some advice on a few things...

In the past month whenever i started my truck the oil psi was low for about 10secs and i could hear a ticking noise. Last weekend at a stoplight my psi started dipping extremely low but went back up when i took off from the light and the rpm was above idle. Went to the dealer, they found the oil pump to be bad, as well as both knock sensors, an 02 sensor, and evap canister to be replaced.....so after hearing this I was handed a $4 Grand estimate, i politely told them to go sit on it.

Anyways Ive got a decent background in the mechanical world, I was a marine mechanic for 6 years and can navigate this job fairly easily minus a few cuss words and cussing the crossmember bolts out..

So my question to yall is I found the replacemnt knock sensors(AC Delco) for $80 out the door, the 02 sensor im waiting on a call back to see which one it is of the four, and the oil pump I cant find an ac delco replacent for unless i go to the dealer. Any suggestions on aftermarket pumps and brands? I know theres some crappy ones out there, and yes ive done some research on this forum already, but nothing in regards to this. As well, is there a gasket kit for the oil pan gasket as well as all the orings and seals that need replaced when I pull off the pan? Any info/tips/ advice on this would be of great help....As well any online diagrams/manuals on how to do the swap?
Thanks guys,