August 4, 2011

So, yesterday i got the pleasure of driving my suburban over to Missoula Montana, and halfway there my stock CD player quit working. So i finally broke down and got an aftermarket CD player. I got a pioneer, for a decent price with some good options for the price. I usually get my install kits from wal-mart, because they are cheap and work good. Unfortunately they were out, so i ran over to the schmucks (O`reily) a mile down the road and picked one up there. it was a dollar more, but they matched wal-marts price. when i got home i noticed its a different brand and thought to my self "oh well" (its the Metra CK-444GM) and started assembling it. Now for those of you that are going to put in your own CD player, DON`T GET THIS KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a giant pain in the rear to get together, and i ended up having to cut out some piece, and than super glue others on to make it work. It claims its designed to work with a flush install, a recessed install, and an extended install. the only way we could get it to work was as the extended install, which looks hideous. The instructions (or lack there of) were horrible when it came to assembly. All they said is locate what you need, than figure out how to assemble it with a very basic diagram that doesn`t show you a thing. I`ve installed a lot of CD players, and so has my buddy who was around when i did this. neither of us has had this much trouble with an install kit. It really seems like it was poorly made, and poorly designed. I`ll never buy an install kit from schmucks again and will make sure that when i buy one next time, its definitely not a Metra.