April 4, 2011

i have a 91 ext/cab, od auto shift on the column,the place where the tilt lever was on my deceased 88 reg cab, has a about a 3"diamond shaped plastic cover where the tilt lever normally is on my 91 .. would chev/gm have the tilt feature mechanism installed but remove the lever for use..like is it possible it`s easier,cheaper for gm to just not add a lever instead of removing the "inside tilt mechanism?

main question=has any one fully taken apart a "non tilt" obs and seen the tilting mechanism ? .. ican`t rember if there is a size diference where the tilt is,like is it 3" longer where the lever usually is .. was thinking of dremeling out that diamond plastic piece and adding a lever..i`m 6`4" and need abit of raise .. before i pick-up a yard column i would rather the "free mod" ,thx in advance