July 31, 2008

Ok so Im thinking about getting a set of 20''''s for my truck, but Im haveing a hard time finding some that really jump out at me. So I thought I would ask and see if you all could point me to some that you all find good looking. Im not very good at pictureing what something will look like and I hat to have to keep asking for photoshoping. I want some chrome 20x8.5''''s and then some 275/60/R20 (33x11) Mud tires, so maybe I wont have to lift my truck any to get them to fit. So they need to have a backspaceing/offset that will keep them good and tucked so they wont rub on stock suspension. I dont really know where to even start. I would like to spend $1100 **or** less on the wheels. Heres some pics of the truck they will be going on.