November 9, 2005

I work at TS Performance and we have developed a new program to work with the LBZ Duramax. What I need is a couple guys with the trucks who would be willing to do some testing for use for a discount. If you think yoyu might be interested lete me know. We have the boxes ready to ship. You will gain around 100HP at the rear wheels and 2-3MPG better fuel mileage . Email me at my work email and I can get back with you easier. This is only available to the first few that contact me. Basicly we need feedback on how your truck runs. After tthe testing is over you will ba able to send the test box in and recieve a new one with all the updated progamming at no charge. Just let me know and we will get one out to you. If you want to check out or web-site go to and email me at