December 10, 2012

I have a 92 k1500 4wd that I want to lift. I really want one of those nice Skyjacker or Tough Country 6" suspension lifts, but at the moment I do really have the money for that and I also wont really be doing too much hardcore offroading with my truck. I dont wanna come off ass a cheap ass who wont put quality parts on my truck, but then again I dont wanna spend an excessive amount for quality that I dont *REALLY* need. I`m thinking about a 3" body lift, but I`m not sure if that`ll give me the mean lifted look I want. I also heard I can get some more inches with torsion keys and rear blocks as well. I`m wondering If I combine the 3" body lift, torsion keys, and blocks if I could get what I`m going for? Or should I just do one or the other.BacklinksVault